CozyCave: The Ultimate Enclosed Warm Cat Bed
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14:1063#Blue;5:1952#S (38X35X32cm)
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    Introducing our Enclosed Warm Cat Bed! Give your furry friend the purr-fect spot to snuggle up with our portable pet bed. Made from 100% cotton, this cozy cushion provides a warm and comfortable retreat for your sweet kittens and playful puppies. Mimicking a cozy cave, its enclosed design creates a secure and calming environment. The soft and plush material ensures your pets will feel right at home, while the heating feature adds an extra touch of warmth during chilly nights. Designed with love, this cat pillow mat is the ideal spot for your feline friend to relax and recharge. Whether they prefer to curl up inside or rest on top, this versatile cat house is sure to become their new favourite spot. Grab our Enclosed Warm Cat Bed today and give your furry companion the ultimate in comfort and style!

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    Vendor: Pets Shopping Mall
    Type: 0
    Color: Blue, grey
    Size: S (38X35X32cm), M (45X42X32cm), L (53X50X36cm))
    SKU: 14:1063#Blue;5:1952#S (38X35X32cm)
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