CozyCave Winter Retreat Cat Bed
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14:462084359#2 Holes White
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  • Description

    Give your furry friend the ultimate winter retreat with our Funny Winter Warm Pet Cat Bed House Mat! 🐱❄️ Made with 100% Cotton, this cosy bed is designed to keep your cat warm and comfortable during the chilly months.

    With its unique cave tunnel design, this bed provides a secure and snuggly spot for your cat to curl up and relax. The soft and plush material creates a blissful sleeping experience, ensuring your feline friend gets the rest they deserve.

    Available in two sizes, our cat bed is suitable for cats of all sizes. Choose between the 2 Hole model (80x30x26cm) or the 1 Hole model (41x35x26cm) to accommodate your cat's preferences.

    But hurry! Our double-hole models are in limited supply, so make sure to order now and provide your furry friend with the perfect winter sanctuary. Don't let your cat miss out on this must-have winter accessory! ❄️🐱

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    Vendor: Urban Pet Plaza
    Type: Pet Beds
    Color: 2 Holes White, 1 Hole Gray, 1 Hole Black, 1 Hole White, 2 Holes Black
    SKU: 14:462084359#2 Holes White
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