CozyCat Retreat: Plush Cotton Cat Bed for Deep Sleep
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14:105010371#Dinosaur;5:100014064#S (31X30X28cm)
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  • Description

    Give your furry friend the gift of a deep and restful sleep with our Deep Sleep Cat Bed! This cosy and inviting cat nest is made from 100% cotton, ensuring the utmost comfort for your beloved pet. Its plush cushion and unique tent-like design create a secure and snug environment, perfect for curling up and unwinding. Suitable for both kittens and small dogs, this bed is the ultimate retreat for your four-legged companion. Treat your cat to the ultimate snooze experience with our Deep Sleep Cat Bed!

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    Vendor: Pets Shopping Mall
    Type: 0
    Color: Dinosaur, Pink Rabbit, British Shorthair
    Size: S (31X30X28cm), M (40X40X32cm)
    SKU: 14:105010371#Dinosaur;5:100014064#S (31X30X28cm)
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