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14:29#white star;5:100014064#30X40CM
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    Introducing our Soft Warm Flannel Thickened Pet Blanket! Keep your furry friend cozy and comfortable with this lovely mattress cushion. Made from 100% cotton, it provides a soft and warm surface for your pet to sleep on. The thickened design offers extra cushioning for added comfort. Machine washable for easy cleaning, ensuring a hygienic sleeping area for your pet. The breathable material allows for proper air circulation, keeping your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Suitable for both small and large dogs, this pet blanket is perfect for any breed. Imported from Mainland China, ensuring high quality and durability. Add a touch of style to your pet's bed with the adorable print pattern. Get your Soft Warm Flannel Thickened Pet Blanket today and give your furry friend the sleep they deserve!

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    Vendor: Pets Shopping Mall
    Type: 0
    Color: white star, black Cat paw, yellow star, white Cat paw, white bear, brown bear, white bone, blue bear, pink Cat paw, brown Cat paw
    Size: 30X40CM, 40X50CM, 50X60CM, 60X80CM
    SKU: 14:29#white star;5:100014064#30X40CM
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